• Pennine Prospects The South Pennines
  • Pennine Prospects The South Pennines
  • Pennine Prospects The South Pennines
  • Pennine Prospects The South Pennines
  • Pennine Prospects The South Pennines
  • Pennine Prospects The South Pennines

Pennine Prospects

Pennine Prospects

Pennine Prospects is a unique rural regeneration company created in 2005 as a champion for the South Pennines, the dramatic upland landscape that stands prominently above the urban centres of Greater Manchester, the Lancashire valleys and West Yorkshire. It is an award-winning partnership organisation that has attracted over £5million of national and European funding to deliver a wide range of projects aimed at promoting, protecting and enhancing the built, natural and cultural heritage of the South Pennines.

Pennine Prospects lies at the heart of a well-established partnership bringing together six local authorities, two water companies, government agencies and the voluntary sector. The company is strongly committed to sustainable development and enables partner organisations, local residents and businesses to maximise the benefit of the area’s rich natural, cultural and heritage assets.

Through its activities, Pennine Prospects supports the economy of the South Pennines by uncovering, highlighting and promoting all that is special about the area. In addition, the company develops community projects, promotes access to the uplands and waterways and connects people with their landscape.

The South Pennines Regional Park : A people’s park for the 21st century.

Pennine Prospects will be working with our partners over the coming year to develop the concept of a Regional Park – a people’s park for the 21st century. Find out more about our proposals here

South Pennines Regional Park: Statement of Intent

Current projects and programmes include South Pennines LEADER, a community-led approach to development which supports innovative projects across the landscape; the South Pennines Walk and Ride Festival; and partnership projects such as the South Pennines Fire Operations Group.

As the host for the South Pennines Local Nature Partnership, Pennine Prospects is a champion for the natural environment of the South Pennines. For example, see how we have worked with local schools and communities affected by flooding promoting Natural Flood Management.

Flood resilience and the natural environment

Take part in the South Pennine Walk & Ride Festival or find out more about Pennine Prospects at our conference.

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