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  • Pennine Prospects The South Pennines
  • Pennine Prospects The South Pennines
  • Pennine Prospects The South Pennines
  • Pennine Prospects The South Pennines
  • Pennine Prospects The South Pennines


We are delighted to announce that following our Cultural Recovery Fund for Heritage grant award we are continuing our work to lead the coordinated launch of the South Pennines Park - the first non-designated park in England - coming together with stakeholders, members and the Park’s diverse communities in one voice to secure recognition and funding to make the South Pennines a better place for people and nature.

Across 2021 we have a programme of activity planned including community arts-based projects, a wide reaching review of the South Pennines’ heritage, creation of new digital resource library, and establishing dedicated Park hubs for communities and visitors.



Memo to Government: invest in South Pennines green transport

The chair of rural regeneration agency Pennine Prospects has urged the Government and local authorities to remember the South Pennines in the latest announcement of a £5 billion investment in buses and cycling.

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England’s backbone

A stunning new book reflecting the beauty of the South Pennines has been published by local author and photographer, Helen Shaw. Armed with notebook and camera, she spent 18 months researching and travelling, taking magnificent photographs along the 268 mile Pennine chain to reflect on the glories of England’s backbone.

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Pennine Prospects Annual Review

Pennine Prospects’ review of our activities from 2018/19 is now available to download below.

Executive Summary – Executive Summary (PDF download)

Annual Review – Annual Review (PDF download)

A Government report on the future of England’s protected landscapes has praised the work being done to create a South Pennines Park.

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West Yorks firm has big designs on expansion

A South Pennines company is making a business out of land art and using a LEADER business grant to put it on the track to faster growth. Find out more

Lawnmower art

Natural England awards grant to provide Building Blocks for a healthy moorland

Moors for the Future Partnership, of which Pennine Prospects is a member, has received a boost to its work to restore the moorlands of the South Pennines, including the Peak District National Park. Find out more

South Pennines Park put on the Government radar

Moves to create a South Pennines Park have received a boost as Government-appointed writer and broadcaster uses South Pennines as an example of one of the wider range of non-designated landscape protection to be encouraged. Find out more

Photo: South Pennines, photo credit Craig Shaw.


New leaflet warns of growing wildfire danger

An archaeological survey of blaze affected areas of Ilkley Moor is being mounted as new advice is published to combat the upsurge in wildfires across the South Pennines. Find out more

Be Fire Aware and Protect our Moors.

Wildfires destroy internationally important habitat. Call 999 if you see any smoke or fire on the moors. Please report it immediately to the fire services.

Help prevent wildfires:

Reduce the chances of wildfire by following these simple rules:

- Do not light barbecues, campfires or cigarettes on or near to moors

- Take all your litter home with you.

- Observe any access restrictions, as these are temporary measures

Controlled burning

Land managers sometimes carry out controlled burning. This only takes place after 1st October and before 15th April.
If you see a fire, report it by calling 999. Wildfires can break out at any time of year, so don’t assume it’s a controlled burn.

Follow the moorland visitors’ code

- Be safe; plan ahead and follow any signs.

- Protect plants and animals.

- Leave gates and property as you find them.

- Consider other people including farmers.

- Take your litter home.

Keep dogs under close control. By law you must control your dog so it does not scare farm animals or wildlife. During lambing and bird nesting season, 1st March-31st July, you must keep your dog on a lead on most areas of open country and common land.

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A landscape for the future: made in the South Pennines

A blueprint for the future of the South Pennines was outlined on Friday, 15 February to the man charged by the Government with reviewing the nation’s protected landscapes.

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Efforts to create a South Pennines Park moved a step closer today with the award of a £183,500 grant to Pennine Prospects, the area’s regeneration agency
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The South Pennines Park : A people’s park for the 21st century.

Pennine Prospects will be working with our partners over the coming year to develop the concept of a people’s park for the 21st century. Find out more about our proposals here

South Pennines Regional Park: Statement of Intent (PDF download)

Download a map of the South Pennines Heritage Area